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Modern Dance

Modern dance is an extension to the style of classical ballet with an air of jazz style, with a focus on the individual dancer’s own interpretation of structured steps.

Performed to a varied choice of music, dancers are often barefoot and have more freedom over their choice of costume. Where in classical ballet, ballerinas focus on being light on their feet, modern dancers use their body weight to increase and emphasize movement. In fact, even jumps and high extensions give the impression of the dancer having only momentarily escaped the gravitational pull to the ground.

Modern dance encourages highly expressive gestures, never decorative shapes, with prominence on using emotion to fuel movement, from clenched fists and angular limbs to flexed feet and clear lines of tension.

For dancers looking to pursue a career in the performing arts industry, it is highly recommended they are trained in modern dancing as this is the primary dance style of the West End and Broadway musicals.


{Linda Virgoe Dance Studios is the best Dance school in the area. Only the very best quality of teaching takes place here with a large variety of dance styles to choose from. My daughter has attended since she was 3 and at 9 years old she still loves it just as much as the day she started. The teachers are all lovely and encourage all children to bring out the very best in themselves.{

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