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Tap Dancing

Tap dancing uses footwork to create percussion by using the sounds of metal taps affixed to the heel and toe of the shoes to strike a hard floor in rhythmic movements.

The evolution of tap has come from all corners of the world including origins from the African Jazz age, Irish jigs, and English clog dancing. The style of tap encourages abstract expression, humour, and energetic performances much like the ones you see in Broadway musicals. Tap is still ever popular today and has featured in many well-known musicals from Dancing in the Rain to Billy Elliot and 42nd Street.

Tap is performed with intricate steps that require dexterity and concentration, often characterized by syncopation and improvisation; it can be performed with or without music, known as ‘Cappella’, dancing.

Tap dancing is suitable for all ages; for adults it is great for raising fitness levels in the form of a fun cardio workout and keeping your mind active too!


{Linda Virgoe Dance Studios is the best Dance school in the area. Only the very best quality of teaching takes place here with a large variety of dance styles to choose from. My daughter has attended since she was 3 and at 9 years old she still loves it just as much as the day she started. The teachers are all lovely and encourage all children to bring out the very best in themselves.{

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