It’s a common myth that to have a successful career in dance children must start dancing as young as possible. With many parents asking what is the best age for my child to start dance lessons?

While there are advantages for children to begin learning dance from around ages 3-5, it is not a necessity to be a professional dancer. Most often children begin dancing from around 3 years old because this is the age most are toilet trained. It’s also a common age for children to be attending nursery and therefore are used to being away from their caregivers for short periods of time.

Dance classes are a great opportunity for young children to grow their confidence, develop their movement and meet new friends. Not only that, dancing is also good for their physical and emotional health. Dance enables children to explore their creativity and imagination.


What is the Minimum Age to Start Dance Lessons?

There is no minimum age. We find most children really take to dancing around 5 years old. That’s not to say it’s the right age for every child, but as this age falls when children start school in the UK, they tend to be able to follow simple instructions easier than younger children.

That said, research suggests the most conducive age to begin more serious training is around 7-9 years old. Children mature at different ages, both physically and mentally, so it’s important to think about the individual needs of your own child.

At this age children are more proficient at internalising their learning and applying this to their dancing.

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How Do I Know if My Child is Ready for Dance Classes?

Firstly, if you notice they enjoy dancing along to music at home that’s usually a good sign! For young children it’s important they are comfortable spending a short time away from you. Children who can follow simple instructions, for example: moving their body parts, listening and working with a partner or in a group.

A good way to test this out at home is playing a simple game of ‘Simon Says’.

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At What Age Can My Child Take Part in Dance Competitions?

For some children dancing competitively is a big milestone and something they may not be ready for, for a while. That’s completely ok. Your child’s dance instructor should be able to advise what they are and are not ready to do.

We encourage any child that feels ready both mentally and technically, to compete. It is a huge confidence boost for children to be recognised for their hard work and continued efforts with progression and awards.

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Can My Older Child Start Dance Lessons?

Of course. Children of any age up to 17 can start in our children’s classes. All our dance genres have a range of skill levels and for older children we can fit them in at the right level.

We also have adult classes for any of the grown ups who would like to continue their dancing career or start a new hobby or even just to improve their fitness and coordination.

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For more information on beginning your child’s dancing journey contact Linda Virgoe Dance Studios today.