Dancing has many benefits. It improves physical fitness, confidence and encourages children to develop self-discipline.

Joining a dance school creates an opportunity for your child to build friendships. This is hugely beneficially for their social skills and self-esteem. As the children become more experienced and begin taking their exams, they will learn to focus, practice and execute what they have been taught. These skills of working towards a goal with a healthy level of competitiveness aids the children to become independent young adults. Adults who can adapt to new projects and remain motivated to achieving their goals.

For children and young people who would like to pursue a career dancing professionally, joining a dance school is definitely the best place to start! However, you may be interested to know, being a dancer who performs, isn’t the only career option in the world of dance.


Dance Specific Careers

Dance Teacher, College Tutor, Dance School Principal

For many people, learning a new skill also ignites a passion for teaching. Older children often enjoy sharing their knowledge with younger ones. It may even be that some dancers are naturally drawn to supporting their peers.

Becoming a dance teacher is also an option after a dancer has pursued their professional dancing career. Taking both their learnt skills and experience to inspire and teach students. Teaching dance can take place in both an independent dance school or as part of a college. A dancer could even choose to be a lecturer at a university if they prefer the theory side of dancing over the practical.

Opening a dance school is a fantastic career choice for entrepreneurial dancers. Combing a love of dancing and ambition for running a business.

ballet teacher

Dance Choreographer

Young dancers who demonstrate both passion and talent for dancing may become successful dance choreographers. This career also requires excellent teaching and leadership skills.

A career in choreography has vast opportunities. This could be choreographing performances for theatre/ stage, TV and film or even music videos. As well as a high level of dancing ability, patience is key. A great choreographer can see from the audience’s perspective and captivate their attention with magical displays of dance.

Dance Performer

Performing as a professional dancer can take many forms. From a Ballerina at The Royal Opera House, an actor at The West End or even a music video in the charts!

Being a dance performer extends far beyond these more public stages though. Studying dance can lead to promising careers dancing at weddings, corporate events, cruise ships and even pantomime.

Other Dance Related Careers:

  1. Yoga or Pilates Instructor / Fitness Instructor

  2. Dance photographer or videographer

  3. Costume or clothing designer

  4. Arts Administrator

  5. Lighting / set designer

  6. Stage management

  7. Dance writer/ journalist/ critic

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