Courses, Productions & Festivals

Holiday Courses

ballet2The Linda Virgoe Dance Studios runs a Summer, and if there is sufficient demand, an Easter holiday course for students. The courses, typically a week long cover all forms of dance, drama and musical theatre and much more when the teaching faculty are supported by guest teachers, who bring additional skills and experience to the courses.


lion_king2Every year the Linda Virgoe Dance Studios stages its own highly acclaimed dance and drama production in which every pupil is invited to take part. The productions are great fun for all, helping to develop confidence and self esteem, as the pupils perform on stage in front of over 400 people. Four performances are held over a weekend to meet the demand from everyone who wants to watch these professionally staged events.

Dance Festivals

dance2Every year the Linda Virgoe Dance Studios enters pupils into dance festivals, such as the annual Gloucester Dance Festival, Cheltenham Dance Festival and The Janet Cram Awards, where pupils get the opportunity to perform in a competitive environment against other leading amateur dancers.